Dentist for Kids in Houston, TX - Children’s Dentist in Houston 
Bellaire Dental Center, PA

If you’re trying to find a dentist for kids in Houston, we would like your search to end with us. We have decades of combined experience providing excellent dental care for kids.

At Bellaire Dental Center, P.A., we treat every patient like they are family. It’s one of our core philosophies. When it comes to getting the best dental care for your kids, we want you to know that we’ll treat them like they’re one of our own. 

Safety, Trust, and Communication

Most adults that experience moderate to severe dental anxiety acquired their fear during a childhood visit to the dentist. That’s why it’s critically important if you’re trying to find a dentist for kids in Houston, TX, that you find a dentist your child can trust, feel safe around, and communicate with.

Our Houston, TX dentist, Tuyet Nguyen, DDS, was a family physician in Vietnam before becoming a dentist in the United States. She has extensive experience with medical and dental care for kids.

Additionally, our Houston dental practice specializes in braces for kids, and other orthodontic treatments for children. If your child needs an orthodontic evaluation, or orthodontic treatment, bring them to our dentist for kids in Houston so they can experience the best safety, trust, and communication.

Dental Phobias and Good Oral Habits

If you’re trying to find a children’s dentist in Houston, TX, it’s important to know that most children’s oral habits and dental phobias are formed at a very early age. We practice children’s dentistry with a gentle hand to help build good oral habits—not dental phobias—at an early age.

Attention Parents!

We ask that parents always inform their children of their visit to the dentist. Don’t make their dentist appointment a surprise or coax them into visiting. You want your child to know that the dentists and staff at Bellaire Dental Center, P.A. are there to answer their questions and explain procedures. We want to gain your child’s trust so they feel absolutely safe and comfortable during their visit.

Another good practice for parents is to avoid certain words like pain, needle, and drill when talking to your child about the dentist. We don’t want them to associate “painful” words with their dental visit. Let us do the taking when it comes to educating your child about the dentist and our role in your child’s oral health. Our children’s dentist and excellent staff have years of experience talking about dental care with children. We’ll use the right words and send the right message.

Questions? Need an Appointment?

If you have questions, or if you would like to request an appointment, feel free to contact us today! Our dentist for kids in Houston, TX looks forward to meeting you and your children